Phyllostachys Hexagonos

hex_box 1 055Phyllostachys Hexagonos (bamboo hexagons)

Material: Bamboo, Cherry, Epoxy
Size: 3" dia. 14" tall
Completed: October 2009
Price: n/a
Owner: Collection of Dr. Michael Goldberg

Winner of 1st Place at The 30th Annual Box and Container Show, Northwest Fine Woodworking

This striking pierced bamboo box is constructed from approximately 1000 individual sticks. The sticks are packed loosely  in a hexagonal or honeycomb pattern,  turned to a sphere and then hollowed. The result is a delicate open mesh box that brings to mind a mosque dome or Victorian tile pattern.

While some would consider this a form segmented turning, I arrived here from a different direction. I’ve been experimenting with constructing my “raw” materials with negative space or voids built in. These blanks are then turned into a final form.